Productivity while working from home

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Productivity while working from home

Working from home is the ultimate environment to test your productivity. I don’t know about you, but all of a sudden I’m hungry more often and tempted with limitless distractions (think mid-day shower, a quick nap, or doing any other task I’ve been putting off). After months of not feeling productive, and working longer hours than I probably need to, I’ve re-implemented a technique that has previously helped me limit distraction, stay productive, and feel accomplished.

I am not a productivity expert. In fact, I’m an expert at struggling to stay productive. With growing to-do lists, I often face debilitating overwhelm, which makes it easier to put off getting things done than tackling items on the list. Implementing the Pomodoro® Technique into my workday has been revolutionary to checking items off my to-do list and holding myself accountable. 

What is the Pomorodo® Technique and how do I use it?

At its core, the Pomodoro® Technique is intended to help you tackle tasks efficiently. The conventional steps include:

  1. Pick a task or project
  2. Set a 25-minute timer – this is the work period
  3. When the buzzer sounds, take a short break to do something non-work related
  4. Repeat 3 more times. After the third round, take a longer break.

I actually don’t follow the traditional Pomodoro® Method as I’ve found the true technique does not suit my workflow. Instead, I have taken the foundational principles and implemented them into my workday. When I implement this technique into my day, I am guaranteed to not only feel more productive actually tackle way more items on my to-do list. 

Below is my adapted method that I follow as often as I can to get work done:

  1. I start off by writing out all my to-dos. This typically includes small, actionable tasks. Rather than “write x manuscript” or “finish x’s website”, I would write “finish addressing reviewer comments” and “finish formatting blog page for x’s website”. Smaller tasks seem far more achievable and less intimidating than larger ones.
  2. I set my timer for 50 minutes. 50 minutes is the perfect time for me to enter a flow state and stay concentrated.
  3. When the buzzer goes off, I don’t always stop dead in my tracks. If I have a good workflow, I keep working until the task is complete or until I lose focus. I’ll start my break timer then.
  4. Start the break timer for 10 minutes. This may include a social medial scroll, checking email, a bathroom break, a coffee break, or lounging on the balcony. Although some people may recommend staying away from social media during the break period, I have found that this works for me. It is something I may try to move away from in the future. Progress is better than perfection.
  5. I repeat the 50:10 until I complete all my to-dos. Importantly, my to-do list (Step 1) is not an exhaustive list of everything I need to get done. I have a separate master to-list (I use the software Todoist) that tracks absolutely everything I need to complete across all my jobs. However, if I wrote this out and tried to achieve it during a work period or over a single day, I would likely feel unaccomplished and discouraged. Instead, I prioritize the most time-sensitive tasks as well as mix in a couple of easier tasks so that I can feel productive.

My favourite timer to set my work and rest intervals is the Tomato Timer found here. However, I have also kept it simple and set just a 50-minute timer on my phone or using Google.

I encourage you to test out the Pomodoro® Technique in your day to stay productive while working from home. Remember, you may have to adapt it to find the suitable work and break durations for you!

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