Running a minimalist website design studio – My top 10 softwares

I run a minimalist website design studio for more reasons than one. Not only is it important for me to keep my overhead down, but I also don’t want to make things difficult for me or my clients. There are so many technologies and softwares you can use to make your business run smoothly and…


Productivity while working from home

Staying productive while working from home has proven to be very challenging. With so many distractions, all of a sudden cleaning the bathroom or working out can seem more appealing than items on your to-do list. I have implemented to Pomodoro Method as way to stay productive and hold myself accountable.


What is Weeknight Website and why do you design with it?

Choosing the correct website builder can be overwhelming. In this post, I walk you through what Weeknight Website is, why I chose it, and why it may be suitable for your website design project. Click to read the post!


I failed at becoming a doctor …

Post-secondary education is not the greatest achievement in life, at least not for everyone. Sometimes it takes being a bit uncomfortable to figure out what you truly want. Even if it goes against what you convinced yourself you wanted.

Natasha Jane Julian

Natasha Jane Julian | Official Launch!

Natasha Jane Julian is an incredible singer songwriter from sunny Los Angeles, California. She wanted a website that was dreamy and moody. We tied in her previous branding to create a simple, yet elegant website. Natasha wanted somewhere she could showcase her latest releases, announce her upcoming shows and tour dates, have fans purchase her…



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